Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hello, I'm back. Again.

It took awhile to blow the cyber dust off, but I finally found my lost blog. And when I did, I was shocked to see how much time had gone by since I last typed a single bit of Blogdrivel - random nonsense on a blog of no particular category. (Yes I made that up.)

Blogophobia is to blame. This condition is caused by the spectacular feedback provided by Blogger, in the form of fancy line graphs, juicy pie charts, dazzling world maps and other useless techno information on blog viewing.  (yup. you guessed it, I made the phobia up too...)

At first, this is information is very exciting stuff! "WOW! Someone who is not my mom and her friends read my blog!" was my first thought. However, like a good sugar buzz, after a while this wears off and you realize that people are actually reading your blog. Your words. Your thoughts. Everything you are putting out there. Some of them are even people you KNOW. And it intimidated the crap out of me. And I stopped writing. Worse than writers block is writerphobe. Paralyzing inability to write my thoughts because someone might read it. It's funny that I even blog at all, given that I am one of those people who unless I had chains wrapped around it and explosives duct taped to it, am unable to keep a journal or diary. Issues maybe? Topic for another day.

Does that make any sense? No. But if you know me, or have read an entry or two, than you know that is how I am. I am random and also the great starter of many things,  and finisher of few. However, I do circle back sometimes and when the time is right, whether due to circumstance or bravery, I give it another try. (Some call that motherhood too.)

So here I am. I am not promising you profound words of wisdom. I have no funny doodles, political rants or amazing photographs today. Just me cautiously dipping my toe back into the blogpool. One entry at a time, when the time is right on my terms, not Blogging 101. I am going to try not to look at the stats this time and freak myself out. I am going to try and find my voice here, whatever it is about, and if people don't like it, so be it, escape is still only a click away. And that my friends, is the beauty of a blog.

                          P.S. Well, I didn't say I wouldn't add any ART :)
                             As they say at www.bravegirlsclub.com,
                                I am going to sing my bravest song!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Be Captured...

Last week, as some say down here in the south, I had my "picture made" at BlueSky Studios in Charlotte, as part of a "Pimp My Profile" contest. This is a rare moment, as I am usually on the other side of the lens, where I am much more comfortable. Walking down a busy street in Charlotte in front of a camera while people in cars were being entertained is not in my realm of normalcy and waaaay out of my comfort zone. I love people watching, not being watched by people. Sitting and saying cheese is even hard for me. But Cassandra made it fun and I am glad I did it. Giving up control was hard for me I must admit.  I didn't get to peek or edit out dorky faces or double chins or anything! I had to keep the faith...

 I am the one in the family who captures all the memories of family trips, holidays, celebrations and the everyday ordinary moments. The problem is, and I am sure that this is one that many of you can relate to, if you are the photographer in the family, you are not in them. Or very few unless you hand the camera over to complete bumbling strangers who can never manage to push the button, let alone get a decent shot. OR you are scrambling, running like hell to beat the timer, barely making it to the outer nether regions of the group shot and looking frazzled with your skirt and your hairdo on sideways while everyone else looks calm and neat. And dare I mention the token flattering Christmas morning shot complete with bed head and the demonic red eye? 

Cami and Louie, captured
by BlueSky Charlotte Photography
These are great, because that's life, and we want to be real of course. But do these capture you? uh, no. Will your kids look back and sweetly say "awe, that is SO Mom..." uh, not so much. Will your family or friends get a sense of who you are? Not likely. Sometimes, though, we are lucky and we get caught by others during candid moments and if we do, we should be very very grateful. These are the ones that catch you with your smile, your look, your personality, doing what you do, what makes you YOU.  These are the best, invaluable, the gold, if you can get them. If you let yourself.

captured coolness: My Grandmother Jean,
"Ragin' Granny" 
I remember going through photos when my grandmother passed away, from the slideshow they had at her funeral and that's when I realized there is no such thing as a bad photograph when people are no longer here, and too many is not a number. Yes, I treasure the fuzzy image of aunts, uncles, friends and others I have lost. They are priceless. We are just glad to have an image of any quality, right? 

Beautiful Sisters captured by
iCandy Photography
But we can still get some good quality ones while we have a chance, if we make an effort. My aunt Gail - her beauty, inside and out, glows along with the love and support of her sister, my Aunt Carole, by her side in the photo, through life, and during her battle with cancer. That deep bond, and those beautiful women are captured(thank you Candice)

So if you don't get "caught" in a random moment just being you by your paparazzi friends or family, sometimes you might need to make it happen. 
So jump in front of that camera. Stop hiding. Don't run from it. Hand it over to your spouse or child or friend or relative. Or during your next family portrait session, take a time out and get a shot or two of... gasp...  JUST YOU.

Yes, it's awkward at the time. Yes, you feel might feel like you are being self centered and slightly ridiculous for a few moments. But some day, years from now, or maybe even only days from now, your family and the people who love you will thank you.  Make yourself known.

 and be captured...

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